Should you stay or go? Linda Hershman, LMFT, can help you decide.

You never expected it to happen, but one of you is leaning toward divorce, while the other wants to save the marriage. You’ve considered marriage counseling, but you or your partner aren’t sure you have the energy or interest. And yet, you’re not quite ready to call it quits. Discernment counseling was developed for couples like you!

Discernment counseling is specially designed for couples where one spouse is leaning toward divorce and the other wants to preserve the marriage.  The focus is not on solving marital problems, but on seeing whether they potentially can be solved.

Discernment counseling is short-term, usually just one-to-five sessions, and leads to a decision to choose one of three paths: do nothing for now, divorce, or give the marriage a major last effort in couple therapy.

Sessions can be held in-person in Berwyn, PA or via telehealth.

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For more information visit: About Discernment Counseling.