Before you decide to divorce, try discernment counseling

Chances are, either you or your spouse feels too little hope or energy to start traditional couples therapy. You may have tried that road before, maybe more than once. And yet, something is holding you back from making a permanent decision. You need an alternative to marriage counseling before you decide to divorce.

Discernment counseling is specially designed by internationally-known therapist Dr. William Doherty, for couples where one spouse is leaning towards divorce and the other wants to preserve the marriage. Couples like this don’t do well in traditional marriage counseling that aims to solve marital problems. They need a different approach.

The focus of discernment counseling is not on solving marital problems, but on seeing if they potentially can be solved. Most of the time is spent with each spouse separately, creating a safe zone to explore all options.

Discernment counseling is short term, just one to five sessions, and is finished when a decision is made either to do nothing right now, with the option to come back at a later time, move toward separation and divorce, or give the marriage a major last effort, with a clear agenda for change.


When Is Discernment Counseling For You?

  • You or your spouse are considering divorce, but are not sure if it’s the right path for you
  • You want to take one more look at your relationship before you decide to divorce
  • You want to give your marriage another chance even though your spouse is leaning toward divorce

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