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I became a certified discernment counselor because I needed a new way to work with mixed-agenda couples, in which one partner is leaning toward divorce, while the other wants to save the marriage. My track record as a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist was great when both spouses were motivated to improve the relationship. But, when one partner wasn’t sure whether they even wanted to try, marriage counseling usually failed.

As a discernment counselor, I work with couples in a different way than in traditional marriage counseling:

Experience as a Certified Discernment Counselor and Marriage Counselor

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pennsylvania and a registered telehealth provider in Delaware and Florida, I have been in practice for almost 30 years. I earned my master’s degree from Chestnut Hill College, then completed post-graduate training at the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center.

Prior to starting a full-time private practice in 2005, I worked as the family therapist at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment’s outpatient addictions program. I have worked in every level of care, from inpatient to residential treatment and intensive outpatient. This experience gives me a unique understanding of challenges and needs faced by individuals, couples, and families as they navigate the complex mental health system.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes it just doesn’t work out…

Did you know that 25% of married couples over age 50 divorce?

My book, Gray Divorce: Everything You Need to Know About Later-Life Breakups is the first comprehensive, culturally-competent treatment of the subject. For purchasing information and discount promo codes, check my website,