If you and your partner have decided to stay the course and wait to make a decision about your marriage, you still may need help figuring out how to live together peacefully. What are the rules for remaining married, but agreeing not to work on the relationship?

When divorce is the best choice, the path still can feel overwhelming and scary. You may wish to part amicably for the sake of all, especially your children, but need help doing this, particularly if the marriage was volatile. Even when divorce is a healthy option, you may feel like you’ve failed in some way, or your self esteem has taken a hit. Your kids might benefit from help adjusting to all the changes, or struggle with their own anxiety and depression.

You and your spouse may have chosen to give the marriage one more all-out effort. You need a skilled counselor who knows how to help you achieve real, lasting change.

When you are ready for the next steps, the Couples and Family Wellness Center can help. Highly-trained marriage and family therapists are available to smooth the path as you move forward.

The Couples and Family Wellness Center can help:

  • improve communication skills with your partner, whether you stay together or divorce
  • guide you to attorneys, financial planners, divorce coaches, and other professionals who maintain a healthy, collaborative approach
  • ensure you are co-parenting in ways that put the best interests of your children first
  • support you through a challenging period, and give you tools to decrease anxiety and depression, increase self-esteem, and avoid repeating mistakes as you move forward in the marriage or a future relationship
  • provide a safe space for kids and teens to work through their feelings

The next step you take can determine whether your life changes for the better. If you think marriage counseling, divorce counseling, individual therapy, family therapy, or counseling for your children can be beneficial, contact the Couples and Family Wellness Center today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs: http://couplesandfamilywellnesscenter.com/contact/